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Interior Designs


Our design team makes it their mission to offer you all the guidance and assistance you need to make your vision come to life. You can expect your designer to take the time to understand your expectations and goals for the project to offer the best experience when it comes to designing your space.

From the design through installation, we are there every step of the way. We promise to keep you updated and well aware of which products are available and which brands match your standards and style. All of this will be within a timeline that is catered to you.

Our design team works hand in hand with our recommended construction company or your preferred construction expert. We are dedicated to your project!

Design Packages

Step 1: 

Discovery Call Free (up to 30 minutes)

Do you want to refresh or update your kitchen or bathroom? Do you want to keep the existing layout and don't want to invest in new cabinetry? Do you need a new countertop, some paint, maybe some new hardware? Let us help coordinate the design and installation. Showcase will provide you with samples of each product. This package will include a site visit and measurements and possibly tradesman visits to ensure proper quoting. All products and installation are at an additional cost but provided and scheduled through the Showcase Design team

DIY Project Package
Kitchen or Bath Update
Kitchen or bath Renovation
Real Estate Packages

Interior Design services for buyers and sellers

The Showcase Design team will provide concept drawings and a list of specified products required to complete your space. Homeowners can purchase products from wherever they choose and will be responsible for scheduling and delegating all labor and supplies.

Do you want to renovate or redesign your entire kitchen and/or bathroom? This is a big project that will bring about big changes.

This package will provide you with the perfect Design Plan for your Kitchen or Bathroom renovation. The Showcase Design team will coordinate all the products and Tradesmen to make your dream space come together. This will take several appointments and months of committed time. During this process, our recommended licensed Contractors will be involved and working alongside our team.

Step 2: 

In - Home Consultation (After the Discovery Call)

What to expect: up to one-hour in-home consultation per project or room.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • How do you live in your current space?
  • What are the specific expectations for what you would like to accomplish?

  • What is your budget?

  • What is your preferred timeline?

  • We will also take measurements and photos of the current space. We will go over the next steps and packages available. Please make sure to have all the decision-makers present at this appointment. After the appointment, you will receive appointment notes from your designer and an inspiration packet of photos and line drawings of your project.

Step 3: 

Pick a Project Package

What to expect

The Showcase Design team will do a consultation and talk about your wants and needs. How do you live in your current space? What are specific expectations for what you’d like to accomplish? We will talk about the budget and timeline and take measurements and photos of the current space. Please make sure to have all the decision-makers present at this appointment. We will schedule a second visit to bring in tradesmen and women to execute a remodel.

After all the information has been gathered and estimates completed, the Showcase Design team will schedule a third meeting to present all aspects of the project. You will receive 3D conceptual drawings as well as samples of actual products that will be used and any recommendations for moving forward.

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